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Robotic Therapy Treatments For

Doctors & Specialists

We offer multi specialty doctors who cure and eliminate your illnesses and cure your ailments.

Health Clubs & Nutritional Centres

We provide expertise methods in our Health Clubs & Nutritional Centres for better health and body growth.

Robotic Therapy

Want to reduce the body pain and feel revitalized? Our masseurs will help you, to let go your body stress.

Nature Care Centers

We use natural methods for your primary healthcare by preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases.

Physiotherapy Centres

At our physiotherapy centres we offer services like heat therapy, home care physiotherapy and much more.

Rehabilitation Centres

Medicare will cover inpatient rehabilitation facility care. Our masseurs will help you, to let go your body stress.


One Touch Magic has recently launched its first mega segment- Health and Fitness with Relaxation. Led by the visionary leadership of Dr. Minal Raghamwar, the company is moving ahead, with an objective to help people achieve better health, more relaxation and smarter personality.

Our basket of services is customized for anybody who is facing challenges in life and is stuck up with any health concern of lack of proper decision making. We empower him or her to hope, move ahead in life in an informed way and enjoy life to the fullest.

One Touch Magic is active in Illness and Wellness, the categories that have long lasting impact on human life. The focus is on Recovery, Rehabilitation and Supplementation.


To create and strengthen hope in every walk of life

To add value to life and personality of people

To facilitate healthy, stress free and holistic living.


To arouse and strengthen the belief that one can experience the magic, overcome obstacles and celebrate life.
To help people take action on their health issues strategically.
To provide them holistic, long-term and quality solutions.




Dr.Minal Raghamwar

The mind behind this mission is Dr Minal Raghamwar, a leading professional with 10 years of gynaecological practice and 8 years of experience in IT company- Tegasys Solutions. She is also into Nutritional and Personality Development Counselling. Dr Minal has conducted Professional Mind Programming and Memory Enhancement Workshops. She brings on table her extensive and comprehensive experience to lead One Touch Magic Corner.

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